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Unfortunately there are times during the construction process where a mistake is made thus causing a building or site to not function properly or to be not what the Owner expected. The cause can be design or construction. Thomas Fraser, PE our Principal Engineer has over 40 years of personal experience in the construction business as a designer, engineer and contractor. Being a seasoned building engineer and Certified Building Code Compliance Professional combined with extensive experience provides him with the tools to thoroughly evaluate every aspect of any construction related claim or defect.

If you think you have a defect, call FIES for a thorough evaluation. We can assist in preparing a claim and provide expert forensic assistance for the legal process. Often a call from FIES to your contractor can resolve the problem before costly litigation.


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Fraser Engineering and Design Services (FEDS)

To service the ongoing demand for design services. FEDS was developed as the architechtural engineering arm of FIES. Our vast experience in preparing plans for client projects engables us to provide excellent buildable design at a reasonable fee. See our design section for more information. We are ready to assist you.

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