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To service the ongoing demand for design services. FEDS was developed as the architechtural engineering arm of FIES. Our vast experience in preparing plans for client projects engables us to provide excellent buildable design at a reasonable fee. See our design section for more information. We are ready to assist you.

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FIES provides experienced professional engineering services which include inspection and thorough evaluation of property damage to determine cause and extent of loss.  Repair recommendations are provided to assist in determining the cost of repair.

In addition, we will provide an opinion of subrogation opportunity and provide risk assessment and prevention recommendations.


Fire Origin and Cause Determination

FIES has highly trained and experienced professional staff certified by the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI). Every investigation includes a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the site to determine origin and cause. Our experienced professionals will collect and process evidence when required and provide any analysis of samples needed. Evaluation for subrogation opportunities is always a part of an FIES investigation. Our storage facility is available to retain and preserve evidence and we provide analytical testing of equipment. Evaluation for subrogation opportunities is always a part of an FIES investigation.


FIES specializes in cause and origin investigations of chronic and sudden water, moisture intrusion and ground water problems whether the cause is construction defects, exterior entry issues, maintenance or grading issues. We use state of the art electronic moisture detection equipment when necessary and often times are required to perform infrared imaging inspections for moisture and water intrusion and will provide recommendations on how to correct the problem.


Snow and ice damage is a common occurrence in the northern United States. FIES has experienced engineering staff available to review problems caused by ice and snow damage and will provide cause of loss or failure. We will assess any compromised structure and provide a determination of construction deficits or maintenance issues and will make the appropriate engineering recommendations along with potential subrogation opportunity.


Many areas will, often times, experience hail storms which result in property damage including siding, shingles and roofing. Our investigation staff is equipped to review property damage claims and provide any necessary cost effective remediation solutions.


Building system and structural failures require skilled experienced engineering professionals to investigate the scene and to determine the cause of failure. FIES provides highly skilled staff to review cracks in walls and foundations, roof damage, foundation failures and collapse and are able to determine if the damage is from a latent or patent defect.


FIES Mold Damage Assessment

Moisture problems can cause buildings to have mold growth. FIES has trained skilled staff that can identify and evaluate mold problems within your residence or workplace and will provide testing of mold samples along with remediation recommendations for the affected building. More and more individuals are experiencing health problems as a result of exposure to mold contamination. Remediation of mold within buildings will reduce the chance of mold related illnesses to occupants.


Windstorm damage analysis involves trained engineering staff who obtain weather data, sustained maximum winds and gust velocity in order to determine if damage occurred as a direct result of wind and to review the overall structural integrity of the building/structure. FIES has extensive experience in determining windstorm loss damage and provides a full report of their findings.


FIES Lightning Damage Assessment

FIES has access to lightning data collection and can locate and size virtually all strikes in the United States. This information is vital in determining if a lightning strike has been instrumental as a cause of loss.

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